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Company Overview

Fathom is a company that’s dedicated to bringing underwater exploration and education to the masses. Whether it’s experience, cost, or lack of technical knowledge, something has always stood in the way of the average individual learning more about what’s happening under the surface of our bodies of water. That’s why the co-founders at Fathom set out to design a drone system that would allow anyone to become a citizen explorer, all for $600. Two years later, the Fathom One is finally here.


The idea for the Fathom One came about when co-founder Daniel Vessells heard stories about how his local lake contained horse-drawn carriages that fell through the ice in the winter when the town was a logging hotspot in the 1800’s, but had no way of finding out if the stories were true. He wasn’t scuba certified, and didn’t have the money for current drone systems. That’s when he reached out to John Boss and Matthew Gira to help him bring his idea to life.

Primary Uses

Whether it be in a backyard pool or under the ice in Antarctica, the Fathom One is designed to capture experiences from an entirely new perspective that – up to this point – hasn’t been possible. You no longer have to abide by human limitations when exploring underwater – no air tanks, no decompression stops, you don’t even have to get wet to explore these alien worlds that exist all around us.

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